1893 Book: Pendeen

Rev F J Horsefield Pendeen Morvah Bojewyan druids chun quoit castle 1893 old book print lake mythology romantic folklore cornish kernow cornwall st just st ives

In 1893 the Rev. F. J. Horsefield wrote a delightful book about the village of Pendeen, in the far west of Cornwall, UK.

“[This is] one of the wildest, weirdest, quaintest, and most interesting, out-of-the-way spots in this charming county. Pendeen, the village in question, is full of attractions for the botanist and geologist, for the artist and traveller, for the antiquarian and the historian, for the philosopher and the student of human nature.” (page 1)

As the book is out of copyright and out of print, the book is here made freely accessible in its entirety as a pdf file to download (32Mb):



I. Introductory

II. An Ancient British Settlement

III. Traces of the Druids

IV. The Tin Mines

V. At the Mines

VI. Distant Views

VII. Pendeen Cave and House

VIII. On the Cliffs

IX. In the Village

X. Conclusion–Social Life, &c.


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