Need To Go Around Tokyo Bother Taking Baggage? This Suggestion Stuff Stockpiling For You

By | February 12, 2020

Thinking about how to manage every one of your things while investigating Japan? Here are a few hacks for baggage stockpiling in Tokyo.

Voyaging is fun and energizing! You can wander and experience without thinking about whatever else! Er… Aside from substantial bags brimming with treats that presently feel like a mix of dead mass cartels toward the finish of the arm. Things being what they are, you need to leave that weight immediately and proceed with the enjoyment day — however how? In case you’re remaining medium-term in a lodging or inn, you can as a rule leave a bag some time before registration, yet it’s not generally that simple. Airbnb doesn’t have this extravagance, so is the lodging – and imagine a scenario where you don’t have an arrangement to remain medium-term. Luckily, there are probably the best choices for baggage stockpiling in Tokyo, from stations to applications to confided in storage rentals.

Air terminal

In the event that you are just in Tokyo for a day or two and needn’t bother with all the products in the bag, you can leave it at the air terminal or even send it to the lodging, with certain administrations offering conveyance around the same time.

Haneda Airport

Conveyance: JAL offers same day conveyances and baggage transportation to the inn (yet just for the Odaiba, Maihama and Urayasu regions) or Tokyo station. It costs ¥1,000 per baggage and they are open from 8.30 am – 8 pm. You can really send your gear anyplace in Japan utilizing JAL, which is extraordinary on the off chance that you go from Tokyo in the close to term.

Capacity: Airport things can amass to about fourteen days of products, with a day by day expense changing relying upon the size of the baggage. They start from ¥300 for one little thing; Average bag is for the most part ¥500. They are open from 6 am – 10.30 pm, the greatest weight is 30kg and the most extreme size is 300cm (stature, width and profundity). On the other hand, JAL likewise offers gear stockpiling at the cost of ¥300 – ¥800 every day for as long as 30 days, with broadened time choices accessible too.

Narita Airport

Conveyance: Luggage can be sent to and from the air terminal utilizing different specialist organizations (Yamato, JAL, ABC, KTC/Sagawa) to practically any area in Japan. On the off chance that you just live in Tokyo for a day before making a beeline for another city, consider submitting it first. What’s more, remember that the Shinkansen doesn’t have a lot of space to store enormous things and convey huge things for the most part not suggested. You can send merchandise to the lodging utilizing an assortment of transportation administrations including GPA, Yamato, and QL Liner under the legislature endorsed “Hands Free” venture.

Capacity: Various organizations offer baggage stockpiling, with a standard expense of ¥500 every day. You can likewise utilize a coin storage that has an eight-day limit. Some are charged an every day rate (so you all compensation for 24 hours) yet some have an hourly cost rate, which implies the main rental is just for six hours, and afterward it transforms into a rent 24 hours after that. They additionally have additional huge storage spaces accessible for ¥1,000 per 24 hours, which can be utilized for baggage and other huge size gear.

Train station

In the event that you’ve gotten this far with the mammoth bag and need to investigate the city quickly, the train station has a couple of choices to help.

Storage spaces

Albeit prohibited for security reasons in numerous nations, Japan has become hopelessly enamored with the station storage spaces, and can be found in numerous stations, even in the open country. Tokyo’s stations frequently have numerous storage spaces in a few areas (inside and outside the ticket entryways), so you can as a rule discover them vacant. They come in three sizes, little, medium and huge with the typical cost of ¥300, ¥500 and ¥800 every day.

The storage station is basic and useful, with a few worked with keys and some utilizing an electronic ticketing framework. You can pay in real money and at times can likewise utilize IC cards for electronic storage spaces. English aides are accessible, and frequently around multiple times stronger than Japanese, so everybody realizes you are there. In the event that you leave the thing over three days, the station agent will clean it, however you can get your possessions back and pay it at the counter.

Extra Tips Locker:

Need To Go Around Tokyo Bother Taking Baggage

Need To Go Around Tokyo Bother Taking Baggage

  1. On the off chance that at a huge station, snap a picture where your storage is found, and note the closest exit or store, so you can without much of a stretch discover it — a few spots like a labyrinth. On the off chance that you truly get lost, you can ask the officials and they might have the option to utilize a storage lock to recognize the area of your storage.
  2. On the off chance that you discover a storage everything is full, check out the notice that shows the area of different storage spaces — you may be more fortunate somewhere else.
  3. In the event that you open a storage and discover another person in it — don’t freeze, it is anything but a bomb, this frequently occurs, simply slip it into the discovering’s official. Likewise, on the off chance that you are only mindful on the transport that you have not bolted the storage, don’t freeze, the odds of your things have additionally been securely given to the official; You simply need to demonstrate that the thing has a place with you by indicating the ID or portrayal of the substance.

Office administration Desk

In the event that you can’t locate a vacant storage or can’t keep every one of your sacks in it, some huge stations have an assistance work area that will guard your things.

For instance, Tokyo station has the JR East Travel Service Center. Close to the north exit of Marunouchi, with the Yamato administration, you can store your gear for ¥600 per thing, yet should be re-taken around the same time. They additionally offer watchman benefits around the station and conveyance administrations by means of Yamato to convey products all through Japan. You can likewise visit the Sagawa Service focus close to the Nihonbashi-Guchi exit.

Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you are in Yokohama, Yamato has three alternatives: Sakuragicho station, Shin-Yokohama station, and the standard Yokohama station. Each of the three offer brief things stockpiling between 9 a.m. to 9 pm at ¥500 per thing, so your trip can be a lot lighter.

Elective administrations for gear stockpiling in Tokyo

On the off chance that you don’t have an inn to manage the bag or it is too enormous to place in a storage, there are different administrations to guard your gear while in Tokyo.

Entire City Service Desk


With three areas in Tokyo, Sagawa charges ¥1,000 per thing for an entire day’s stockpiling. On the off chance that you go to the Tokyo Service Center at the Nihonbash-Guchi exit of Tokyo station or the Asakusa focus, the gear stockpiling expense is ¥800, yet in the event that you are going to the Skytree administration Center, it is just about ¥500.

They will keep your merchandise as long as five days and open consistently on weekdays (Tokyo Station: 7am – 11pm, Asakusa: 9am – 7pm, Skytree: 9am – 9pm, Last request got one hour before shutting). They have some weight and size limitations (an all out component of 200cm and a load of 30kg), and permit you to get to your baggage while put away. They likewise offer a conveyance administration to the air terminal from the three areas referenced above and furthermore Shinjuku. You can leave it before 11 am and get it after 4pm, for Haneda, or put away around 6pm and taken following 12 early afternoon the following day for Narita. Costs run from ¥1,400 to ¥2,600 per thing relying upon size.

Yamato: Ginza Konyabashi

Shockingly, Yamato has just a single area in Tokyo other than Haneda air terminal and Tokyo station, and there is no stuff stockpiling. Be that as it may, they offer stuff transportation, regularly with that day plan contingent upon the area. In this way, in the event that you are in the Ginza region and need to send your baggage first, their multilingual office may at present have the option to help.

Salvage Day App: ECBO

Today the application is accessible for all things, gear stockpiling in Tokyo is the same. There is one fundamental application for this, and it’s called ECBO. Ideal for individuals who use AIRBNB (so there’s no inviting lodging representative to stay aware of your bag), this administration offers an increasingly others conscious form of the storage.

ECBO Cloak Service was begun by Shinichi Kudo, who had recently interned at Uber Japan and saw a hole in the market for simple gear stockpiling in Tokyo. Concentrating on the bistro and the guesthouse, yet additionally utilizing the Post office and the area at the train station, they offer a shrewd and simple help with an area locator on the guide and extra administrations, for example, WiFi and charging focuses. You can pick the most appropriate spot contingent upon the area or cost, and perceive how much space is accessible.

You need a record to utilize the administration and can book ahead of time; Payment is made by means of Mastercard while going. The standard cost is ¥300 every day for packs (under 45cm) and ¥600 every day for bags.